Meal delivery service reviews

An overview of meal delivery services

Mark Pier

Meal delivery services is a fairly new concept where customers can sign up and get different meals delivered to their homes as often as they like. All the ingredients are pre-portioned and sent in refrigerated boxes, accompanied by recipes. Some companies charge per box, some charge for subscription plans.

I would like to briefly talk about 3 meal delivery services in Montreal.

HelloFresh - The company started in Germany in 2011 and ships to many countries including Canada. They source their ingredients from local farmers when possible. The food is organic where possible, but not always available since they are in their early stages in Canada. Prices

Chefs Plate - The company was started in Toronto in 2013, ships to Montreal and Ottawa, and has now expanded into the United States. Their ingredients are locally sourced whenever possible. They offer many vegetarian options, but also have options for people with gluten intolerance or allergies.

Goodfood - This company is the newest of the 3, started in 2014, and started in Montreal. The prices are fairly reasonable compared to the other services. They also allow you to buy an individual meal without committing to a subscription plan.

Fully-prepared meals

If you are very busy person, you might prefer that your food is fully prepared. In this case, WeCook is a solid choice. They deliver fully prepared meals that only need to be put in the oven for 20-30 minutes (or 3 minutes in the micro-wave). For a full review of WeCook, click on this link.

What if you are on a budget?

Meal delivery services are not a good idea if you have a tight budget. The cost of the ingredients and labor required to prepare them is usually very high. You can get a better deal buying your ingredients and cooking your meals yourself.

If you don't know how to cook, you should learn it. It's not as difficult as it sounds. With enough practice, using cookbooks or cooking apps, you could become a good chef! It's more economical to cook for yourself, and it guarantees that you'll have something healthy to eat.

If you don't want to invest the time, learn about portioning your meals ahead of time so that you can prepare them quickly during the week.